Great Weekend!

"Fall is in the Air" - yahoo!

Hope you had a great weekend also! The "Stampin Up" party was a success! We played until 7PM on Saturday - here's a pic of the projects that we completed - two die-cut scalloped pumpkins, a decorative Halloween cover with a fabric tie for suckers and the cutest "punch" Scarecrow card!

Each one received a "treat bag" - here's the bag that I made. Just a plain brown sack, folded down, and "cute as a pumpkin" stamped with a oval punch pumpkin on the front. Each held the Halloween "goodies" that I've made all week.

Here's a funny... just when I think that my middle son has NO "artsy-fartsy" in him... he surprises me! He helped me decorate the house for Halloween and he took the left-over decorations and decorated his whole bedroom! I had to laugh - Alex is a no-frills, by-the-book kind of guy and it was such a surprised to see that he took the time to decorate! Yahoo - there is some of me in that skinny body!

Here's some pics of Aric playing flag football this Saturday - we had two games Saturday and then free for two weeks! He's on the Saints this year. We haven't received our jerseys yet.

As for Andy Hayes... he should be happy that the University of Alabama pulled out a victory in their game on Saturday - that was too close for comfort! LOL ANDY HAYES - study! Study, Study, Study and then "Roll Tide". Your family loves you and misses you!

Had to post this picture! My mom and I teach the 2-3 year olds at church on Sunday morning. Grabbed this pic this Sunday - isn't it the sweetest? My mom has taught this class for over 40 years - She's awesome - but of course - she's my mom!

And last but not least - the Augment Project! Have you heard about it? Here's more details here! We were able to be involved last night in cleaning out the house and the grounds area. The whole town of Childress is helping out in the renovations and "Make Over" of this house that is being remodeled for a sweet lady. Super-duper cool thing for us to do here!
Hope all is well for you and yours! Wishing you a very happy and wonderful week ahead! Remember to HUG the ones you love the most! Thanks for stopping by!



I'll say it again ... your blog is the best family blog anywhere! Period.

Stephanie Harbin said...

I am glad I was a part of your weekend. It was a fun party and just what I needed to de-stress!!

Jenschke Family said...

I so agree with Trey!