Time for the Christmas RUSH!

Merry Christmas!
Are you hanging in there? Sure that you are in the "Christmas RUSH" - as we ALL are right now! ARGH! Just hang on - Christmas is close - then it's the clean-up! LOL! Hope all is going well with you!

We've got rabbits (and who didn't let me in on knowing how MESSY these little, fuzzy things are - GROSS! They are worse than the boys!) Here's some pics of Alex's show rabbits - Huey, Dewey and Louie (yes, they are still inside... KV is building a stand for the garage - one day!)

Made some Christmas Tea Cake cookies for the weekend
- YUM! This is KV's favorite! Here's a recipe swap for you today!
3 cups Self Rising Flour
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Butter Crisco
3 eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1 Tblsp Lemon Extract

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients together and blend well. Dough should be soft. Roll dough out onto a floured surface until approximately 1/4" thick. Cut dough into desired shapes and bake on a slightly greased sheet for 8-9 minutes at 400 degrees.
After cookies are cooled - I glazed them with a simple butter, milk and powdered sugar mixture - just adds the punch to a great cookie!

Getting ready for the annual "Make, Bake or Grow" party - we're down to 6 members - so it's not too hard. Also doing the same project for my "ADVANCE" art students (who already have a birthday rock) - they're turning out cute!; they are a decorated -mini, altered clipboard w/name! The "Advanced Art" boys get a BIG rock w/name or whatever on it... (they like it - quit laughing!)

ANDY HAYES is headed to Texas by the 20th of this month - YEAH! KV and I have got reservations for Friday and Saturday to do our "power shop" trip - Yes (bowing head in shame...) I have NOT bought ONE gift yet! ARGH! I've made several - but no bought gift YET! Have plans to do some serious damage this weekend, LOL!

One last thing, we assembled together some "Snowman Soup" packets for our church's annual Christmas Goodie Boxes - super easy gift - that's quick and easy for the kiddos to do! This will also be all of our teacher Christmas' gifts! Here are some links for the poem here and here! Also some step-by-step videos here and here!

Remember - HANG IN THERE! and HUG the ones you love the most! Merry Christmas and have a great week! "Make, Bake or Grow" gifts soon!


Stephanie Harbin said...

I haven't shopped for Ciara yet, so don't feel bad. I haven't made the gifts I wanted to make. ARGH!!! I refuse to get stressed. I am keeping it simple and gonna enjoy.

Jenschke Family said...

I have bought 3 presents! Was planning on heading out Friday after school but not sure that will work out. We are leaving town the 21st so if it isn't bought by then it isn't happening! (that includes groceries) Won't be home until Christmas day! It will get done and I am determined to get home and just have a good holiday with my family!!! Merry Christmas!