Hello Again!

Hello again!
It's been a while - how are you? Seems like our routine after Christmas, has been "run, run, run"! Guess that was the rhythm before and during the holiday season... so I shouldn't be surprised, huh! Hope all is well with you and yours!

We've been busy here! With two additions to our family...
"Molly and Roxie"
- they totally have us in "check"! LOL! We've got a routine - but OMG! they are so cute. I (personally) wasn't ready for new dogs, but Alex has anticipated this moment since June - a new Corgi puppy - the litter was born a day after his birthday in December... and so January 12 we got Roxie! This poor puppy was SO LONELY without her furry family (cried ALL night) so the next day - the owner graciously gave Aric a puppy - a sister to Roxie for company! So Molly, came to us on the 13th and - it's been perfect ever since - they play constantly and sleep the night through - quietly! Yahoo! Here's some pictures from our first week with the "girls"! LOL!

The Childress County Project Show was held Saturday - Jan. 15th - which means
"Rabbit Time"!
Alex raised rabbits for one of his 4-H project this year. They were easy to take care of... feed, water and keep around 50/60 degrees for about 6 wks! The show went well - the most rabbit exhibits ever for Childress county! There were 9 classes; based on weight - ours were 5 lbs, 5.2 and 5.3 lbs - the minimum was 3.5 lb... We placed 2nd, 5th and 8th in our classes... and the premium sale went well - we will break even in $$ (maybe!) for the year! All is well - the rabbits have left the Vannoy House! Here's some pictures from the county show - Good Bye - "Huey, Dewie and Louie"

School is going well - we've finally ended the Fall Semester last week and started the Spring for ole' CHS! One more semester and I'll have a high school freshman and a junior high aged son - argh! Andy is still studying at the University of Alabama - his graduation will be in the future... stay tuned! Days in Texas always hold a variety of different weather conditions - but yet no snow... so we're patiently waiting!

Not much else is exciting here, I've started up making and giving everyone in my church family a birthday card; or the kids a birthday candybar... again. I skipped last year and I really missed it! Our church has recently added a bunch more members and this gives me a chance to meet and greet new members and reach out to the others! Here's a pic of my birthday card for January! I made 26 adults and 10 candy bar holders this month - whew! But it's something that I really need to do "personally"... so I'm doing it! Wish me luck... I'm going to need it! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you a great weekend! Take care and remember to HUG the ones you love the most! Have a great day!

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Jenschke Family said...

Those puppies are so dang cute that I want one!!!! Ever need a sitter give me a call. LOL Loved watching Alex with his rabbits and just loved watching all the kids. It was a great day! And by the way, you NEVER break even ($$) with show animals so just don't try. Not worth it!

You are so amazing! Birthday cards again??? I am so impressed. Thanks for challenging me to do more. Love you guys!