Always looking...

Our family is always looking for new recipes...
We like to EAT!
What is your family's most favorite thing to do?
Even at restaurants - we're trying to figure out how to make our favorite dish at home! On the top of that list is Holly's Fish Tacos - I've accused her of putting something "addicting" in the fish batter, LOL! My husband told Holly that he thinks about her fish tacos every night... jealous? I'm doing the same thing... bawhahaha! Weird people - we are, but fish tacos are so good at Abram's Mexican Food - new restraurant! If you're in the big C-town - try 'em asap!

This week, our family have tried these new recipes and would like to pass them on to you ... Charleston Cheese Dip (KV "REALLY" liked this cheesy dip) it's one of Trisha Yearwood's recipes, Oatmeal Scotties (my nephew Luke declared this one was his favorite), Upside-down Chicken Potpie (thanks HP for that recipe - my boys liked this a lot!), and this Chocolate-Pumpkin Cake (a very moist cake). Always love a new recipe to try out! Got a good one? Send it our way - we'll try it!

Funny story - I have an ex-student who has gotten into "cooking" - but now he's upset because he's gained a couple of pounds from all the good things that he's cooked! LOL! "That's the story of MY life"! - I told him! (Hey E!) Join the crowd..., huh!

Recently, I gave a talk about "Geocaching" to the CJHS 4-H club - couldn't have done it without the help of a special friend/media director (who also is an avid geocacher) - it was so fun! I gave the presentation and she had the kids divide up into groups and actually go find some hidden caches that were close by with a GPS. The 4-Hers enjoyed themselves and "I hope" learned something!

Our family started geocaching a couple of years back - love it! Good, clean and cheap fun! Here's some pics from that event - thanks again FAITH - you're awesome!

Also - another thing Faith helped me with is - E-BATES!

Do you order much from the internet?

If so, use EBATES and get money back - and it's FREE! I was able to cash in my saved $$ and got a Keurig Coffee
Maker - cheap - by redeeming my E-Bate $$ from Christmas! So, we are now a proud owner of a
b70 Keurig Coffee Maker...
using k-cups and everything! LOL! So far, I like the spiced eggnog and gingerbread flavored coffee - but there is ONLY 200 different flavors, plus teas and hot cocoas... so excited! We're surviving the cold weather, sipping coffee and sitting by the fire! (Wish! - only when time allows - LOL!)

Hope all is well with you and yours! So far, so good with this week, huh? Thanks for stopping by! Take care and remember to HUG the ones you love the most!

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Stephanie Harbin said...

My family's favorite thing to do together is GO SWIMMING!!! When will it warm up so we can go??? By the way, fish tacos just sound GROSS!!! No way am I trying those, but I will try the oatmeal scotchies!!