Geocaching at Caprock Canyons State Park

Have you made a visit to the
Caprock Canyons State Park ?

It's Texas' best kept secret of natural beauty! I've almost lived my WHoLe life in Texas... never knew! Don't waste another minute - GO! We live an hour away and were so surprised to find this state park and all that it had to offer! We will DEFINIETLY be back!

Saturday (Jan. 29) it was almost 80 degrees - such a "Spring Tease" - we grabbed the "girls" (aka the puppies), planned our routes for geocaches, packed some sandwiches and headed out towards Quitaque, Tx. We were able to find 7 out of 9 caches, retrieved 2 travel bugs, we hiked, flew a kite, climbed in caves, enjoyed the spectacular view, fresh air and had a FABULOUS day! Can't believe it's connected to this week - with SNOW!
Texas holds a variety of weather each WEEK! LOL!
Look at my weather widget... (taken on Saturday night)
we've got weather to suit everyone this week - if you don't like the weather today - just wait, it'll change! Just amazed of how quick it changes and the extreme that it does! Hope you're keeping warm this week! Take care!

Remember to hug the ones your love the most ~


Jenschke Family said...

Absolutely love Caprock Canyon. One of my all time favorites because of its size and many things to offer. We've only been through a couple of times but always talk of going back and staying the weekend but never seem to make it. We are "fair weather vacationers" so always head to the mountains. So glad you guys got away for some fun. Wish I could get my brood into the mood to do something new! Pigs, pigs, pigs, pigs....rule my life! LOL

Stachia said...

Love Caprock Canyon! It was my first real job between my Junior and Senior year of high school,I was part of the crew that got the park ready to open, I mowed, painted signs, and then I was a entrance fee collector after the park opened until I went to college. Before the lake became a state park my Dad was the caretaker at the lake so I have been all over the area and you are right it is beautiful. When Cam was a baby he loved to go and see the buttlos aka buffalo.

Donald Beard said...

Glad you folks had a good time... come back and visit us again soon!

Donald Beard
Park Superintendent
Caprock Canyons State Park

Stephanie Harbin said...

I love it there, also. Ciara and I go for the day sometimes. It is a beautiful place, and so very peaceful. We went last year the Sunday before TAKS and I could literally feel the tension falling off my shoulders the closer we got. I am glad you had a good time. If you guys go camping there, let me know and we will tag along!

mjvaughans said...

Traci loved all her cards so the party was a success! Thank you! Isn't this weather crazy? We had power outages all day here - and they kept telling us to proceed as normal in the classroom. Ha! Try that with a room full of kids - they will use any excuse to not act "normal". LOL!! Love you!