Blessed by Snow!

Trying to bring some positive to the SNOW! LOL!
Seeing the sun and all of it's shining glory on this Saturday - is wonderful!

The students have really been "bummed out" with all the ice and snow the last 2 weeks - bringing on lots and lots of complaints and just plain WHINING! Boooo!

So I'm trying to put some positive in WINTER! God made everything for a reason... the 4 seasons are all a part of the cycle we live, huh! So here goes some positive:

We've enjoyed the time that the snow have given because -
  • the beautiful scene of everything covered in SNOWY white
  • with the late starts to school at 10 AM (YAHOO!); makes for great breakfasts
  • school offering a WARM place for everyone; yes, most kids complained about having to come; but there were some that they were glad to be in a place that is WARM.
  • cancellations of activities - leaving LOTS of family time by the fireplace at HOME
  • Snowmen, snow ice cream, snow angels, watching the puppies run in the snow!!!
  • Scarves, gloves and hats - love all the kids' "trapper" hats - they are so ugly; but so warm!
  • Winter offers the season for making: hot chocolate, stews and soups - YUM!
Try to think positive - what does the winter season bring for you? Help me out! Keep warm and find some blessing from the SNOW! Remember to hug the ones you love the most!

Have you seen this movie yet? We watched this Friday night and WOW! We all highly recommend - "Temple Grandin" - true story and it leaves you feeling so good, along with a glimpse of reality into autism. 5 thumbs up from us! LOL!

Have a great weekend!


Jenschke Family said...

Thank you for always being a bright spot in my day. The past two weeks has just been BLAHHHHH so needed a little pick me up. You always do the trick!

Stephanie Harbin said...

You are such a good positive role model for me. I wish I could think of something positive!! I will try. I did have some time to rest because of things being cancelled, but I got sick again. The movie sounds really good. Thanks for your encouraging blogs. love you...