Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a very
Happy Valentine's Day today!

Hope you have fabulous days all this week! I'm taking a half of day off so I can "party" w/Aric - it's his last "official" party at elementary school! I'm not sure if that's a YEAH or a Boo Hoo! LOL!

He made the cutest "Whirly Gig" Valentines for his 5th grade classmates. Being a boy and not
wanting to go all "phoo-phoo" for his card- these are cute with a cool factor of flying like a helicopter when thrown up in the air. The only adjustments we made were instead of a paper clip - we attached a roll of smarties on the end! Here's the link that I found for these BOY-style valentines!

Normally, I get up and fix the boys a Valentine breakfast of pinkish-red pancakes - BUT this year, I made heart-shaped french toast - the boys ate 'em up- not much whoooo or ahhhhh -ing ; booo - guess they're spoiled w/ my wacky ideas and surprises ! Here's a funny - telling my students about the french toast being heart-shaped. One student asked, "How did you make the french toast heart-shaped?" When the answer was that I had cut the bread into the shape of a heart - the student responded back with "Oh, you use bread in french toast?" Well, duh... my students make me laugh!

Oh well, I had candy & cards all on the breakfast table and KV surprises us with candy that he bought all by himself for each of us! It was so nice! KV firmly believes that this holiday is only a man-made - purely $$ from card & candy stores all around the world - so glad that he bought into their $$idea this year! LOL!

This weekend, I made these Valentine suckers from left-over Christmas mini candy canes - they turned out adorable - they're filled w/peppermint almond bark; topped w/ sprinkles - YUM! Got the idea here at this link!

Also made our 2 & 3 year old Bible class kids these sweet Lady Bug Valentine's - they all love
lady bugs - we have recently found out - so these were perfect to give out yesterday for a Valentine treat! Got the idea here and the link for printing! Easy-peasy!

Have I gave you the idea that we did VALENTINE stuff all weekend long??? Hahahaha - because we did! LOL! 'Tis the season - yeah!

KV, Ging and the boys have been working hard on this puzzle!
Started on it during the snow storm - an activity to do INSIDE! Finally it's finished! Aric received it from Alex at Christmas. Aric loves learning about shipwrecks and such like the Titanic... the subject really intrigues him - so this puzzle was perfect. It only had 1,000 pieces and they really put it together fast! Here's a pic of their masterpiece. Think we'll glue it to stay forever and frame it for the gameroom or some where special!

One last thing to show ya, is the February birthday card! "Knock on wood" - I'm caught up on my birthdays for my church family... this week; wish me luck! Still trying to send everyone a card on their birthday! wink!

Wishing you and yours a very happy day for this year's Valentine's! I'm off to "party" - we're playing "Valentine Keeno" and eating way too much stuff w/sugar, I sure! LOL!

Remember to hug the ones you love the most! And here, BIG HUG - here's one for you for just stopping by! Have a great week!

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