Hang On...

Getting use to the 45-50 mph winds - NOT! Hang on - put rocks in your pockets; CLOSE YOUR MOUTH - the grit will drive you crazy when it collects on your teeth - YUK! LOL!

So far, we've endured a track meet, baseball practice - just the daily routine ALL while the wind is blowing like CRAZY! Ugh! Ready for some "calm" weather!

Love the spring... here's my pretty front garden of "Dianthus" - thought they were a perennial - but they are coming up so pretty and thick and with no help from me... In the back of the flower bed are my asters - will trim them back in July... they'll bloom in October, but right now they are growing so fast - a lot like the weeds in my yard! LOL!

Here's this week's recipe swap - but decided it's cheaper to just buy the cookies at Wal-Mart already made... ya know the ones that are soft w/frosting and sprinkles for $3.99? YUM! Tried a new cake-mix cookie recipe - but it cost $3 just for the mix and can of frosting + sprinkles, eggs and oil... SO! Don't feel guilty - Just buy 'em and save some time! But I'll include this recipe anyways...

1 Cake Mix
(I used Duncan Hines French Vanilla)
1/3 - 1/2 cup Oil
2 Eggs

Mix together and spoon out on greased cookie sheets (will make 18-24); cook at 350 degrees for 12-13 minutes. Cool. Frost & add sprinkles if desired.

Wishing you a great weekend! We've got "Opening Day" for Little League baseball - and the normal of washing clothes and dusting away all the Texas dirt that has blown in over the last week - argh! Have a great one - whatever you do! Thanks for stopping by! Hug the ones your love the most - until next time...