We have been on a strict time schedule - with everyone running in different directions! Spring season is here and full of activities! Here's some pictures and highlights of this last week's events!

SAFETY PATROL - Aric has made safety patrol at CES! He LOVES this movie... "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" and now he's living the dream of actually being on the Safety Patrol Team! Had to run by and get pictures on Friday of Aric "in action" - fun, fun, fun! Can't believe that this is the last year for ole' elementary school and our family!

District Track Meet for CJHS was held on Saturday at Highland Park - w/45 mph winds - WOW! This was an experience...

but Alex came home w/2 medals -

1st place in the Sprint Relay and 3rd in the 800 meter relay!


This was Alex's last junior high track meet!

Time is flying past and my boys are growing up so fast!

After the track meet w/ dined celebrating my "39th" birthday at Red
Robin - great food! It was nice to get out of the winds! See my "onion ring" cake - bawhahaha! When your "over the hill" - you can name your cake...

Then we HAD to snag a couple of geocaches... found some VERY unique ones. We went back home on I40 - and hit first a "BUG RANCH" - ya know the Cadiallic Ranch in Amarillo? - this is the Bug Ranch in Conway, Tx - buried VWBugs and for the cache - you sign a bug! Soooooo cool!

Next stop was in the big town of Groom, TX - at the big cross! WOW - so impressive. You need to go if you haven't been! Very inspirational, well done sculptures - certainly something to see! And of course, a virtual cache is there also! We were able to grab 6 geocaches on Saturday and dropped off all of our travel bugs & coins to continue on their journey too!

Every day is an adventure!

Hope you are doing well! Thanks for stopping by and letting me share! We've got LTC convention in 10 days; baseball has started up for Aric; 4-H Easter Egg Hunt next Monday (April 18), gymnastics recital is scheduled for the end of the month; PIANO - Judge and recital next month - and the TAKS testing will be the last of this month. 32 school days left! AND praying for RAIN!

Remember to hug the ones you love the most! Until next time...


Stephanie Harbin said...

It is getting busy, but I love it this way. I need to take c out to see the cross. I have been there a couple of times but she hasn't. I can't believe Aric wants to be a crossing guard because of that movie. that is so funny!!!!

mjvaughans said...

Oh my goodness. He looks soooo cute holding that right turn sign. Adorable! :-)