Local Card Swap

This post is an CARD post
(I have a couple of friends that do not like the
CARD posts; so here's a warning!!)

The local card swappers are back
and I am SO excited!
Love, love, love doing swaps!

What is a Card Swap? You make cards and then meet with others who have made cards and you all swap one for one - I left Wednesday w/7 cards and got 7 new cards! We have some really GREAT crafters in town - we share and learn A LOT from each other! I tell my students at school - this is what old ladies do for fun! A bunch of them always love to look at what we do!

March's Card Swap's requirements: any theme, two layers, one embellishment and a decorated envelope. This month started our "Sip and Swap" - 8 of us met together and swap at an restaurant - El Sombrero was this month's place! (Abram's back w/family - sooooo good enchiladas! YUM!)

My first couple of cards just didn't work; finally I decided on a card that I liked. I like lots of layers (my husband thinks it's too much!), I also like completing a technique - this month's is paper weave (here's a link w/video for this technique). I wanted to use double-sided designer paper - didn't have enough for all 8 - so I used several colors... Embellishments include flowered brads, layered birds, glitter and layered circle & scallop nestabilities cut outs. Stamped on front, inside and on back w/ assorted Stampin Up stamps.

Which color do you like? I always keep one of my own cards to remember the technique & lay-out of what I've done - along w/the other swaps. So far, I can't trade or send out my swap cards - they are special. Use them for references and ideas! Goofy, I know! Oh well!

Here are the other swaps that I received!

Each one is unique and different- truly awesome and holds so much inspiration and new ideas for future projects. Thanks ladies - it was a great swap! (So missed VMcB... come back!)

Stephanie is our local Stampin Up demonstrator and head master of the local Card Swap! So if you are interest, contact her and join us "Old Ladies"! LOL! We have beginners to expert card makers - everyone can share!

Thanks for looking! Hope all is well with you and yours! Hope you have an awesome weekend. Thanks for stopping by and remember to hug the ones you love the most! Until next time...


West Texas Wife said...

You are so darn creative!!!!! I am jealous of you!

Stephanie Harbin said...

How could your friends possibly not like card posts???? I love seeing your ideas. You are blessed with creativity. Thanks for posting this. I may put a link on my website. My camera is broke and I can't take pictures right now. I had such a great time. This was a great idea, if I do say so myself!!!