The Weekend...

What did you do this weekend?

We cleaned out our garage and my art studio... I had a "mission" and everyone really pitched in and helped and WE DID IT! Aric can even "dance" while I make my projects (his words... LOL!) This was the day that the temp reached 102 degrees! ARGH! Here are before and after pics... I really did throw away A LOT - gave away even more and still I have lots of STUFF - but it's organized!

So! Needless to say - Sunday was a Church, LTC practice, wash clothes and soothe the aching muscles from yesterday!! And our day's temp was 53 degrees - only in Texas, huh!

Good Luck to my sweet boys that will be testing Monday and Tuesday - in the state of Texas all the 5th graders and 8th graders will take their Math and Reading tests for promotion. I have both in my family. I grabbed some $2 shirts after St. Patty's Day to wear during TAKS testing! They wore the shirts Monday - wearing lucky "undies" today on this fine Tuesday... (j/k) we've had TAKS power breakfasts... encouraging words... and lots of prayers! Aric even said a little prayer during his "moment of silence" yesterday at school... so he told me - so good!


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Thanks for stopping by - remember to hug the ones that you love the most. Until next time...

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Jenschke Family said...

How smart are you to buy shirts for your boys? I never think of things like that! Can I hire you to be my "super mom" brain so my kids can have a fun childhood too??? LOL