Last week of the school year...

Hello! How are you?
My family have just survived the BUSY week ever - this year... and now since the end of the world did NOT happen - we'll begin our last week of the school year today!

What did you think about all the
news of the world ending?
Unbelievable how so many people bought into a scam that was so ridiculous! God is coming soon - I do believe that! But the Bible clearly states in several verses that no one will ever know when... not even the angels - SO why would this man in California know? And it's not the first time that he's claimed to know the ending of time? Hmmmm! Now he's decided it's October 21, 2011?? Anywhooo - it would have been nice for God to come Saturday... then I wouldn't have to give and grade my spring semester tests - boo!

Alex played in his last band concert on Tuesday. This is the CJHS band (7th & 8th) - Alex is way-in-the-back playing the percussion. He's still unsure about band next year... The band sounded good - enjoyed hearing them; they've really made some progress this year - go Mr. McDonald!

Thursday, KV and I both took a personal day away from school, to attend Aric's last "CES Playday" - we assisted with the 5th Pizza lunch before the playday.

We also attended the CJHS Awards Assembly of Alex's. WOW! He will be a freshman at the end of this week - argh! He did very well with his awards and even perfect attendance this year.

Playday was HOT, but fun! The 5th graders were great troopers and were fun to watch! Our last playday... We've been helping with playdays for over 18 years - OMG!

One of my favorite projects for my advanced Art students at CHS is tie-dye shirts... we finally did them - with great results! Love it when my students get all excited about art - tie-dye always brings this out! It's a 4 day process for us - was so glad to final fit this project in

Alex & Aric had the JUDGE with the National Piano Guild on Friday - in Quanah, TX (30 minute trip) - it's where they each play for a judge 10 pieces on the piano. We've slacked major this year, because of busy schedule and low moral, and I was worried. The boys did well. Alex scored 28 c's and Aric 18 c's - Way to go, boys!

We were able to fit in two Little League Baseball games of Aric's - go Cubs. The team won in a nail-biter Friday night and tied 10-10 Saturday morning. It amazes me how intense and serious some adults take these games - I just think... "Really?" Life is too short to worry about the small stuff...

We hosted a graduation party for our niece Lindsey and her step brother Konner on Saturday. 25 people enjoyed grilled hamburgers and homemade ice cream. All of KV's family pitched in and this party was a great success. CHS graduates their seniors on Friday (May 27) - Memphis graduate the next weekend. We will also be attending our nephew's, Konner Williams, graduation this Sunday in Fort Worth at the Civic Center!
So proud of our Seniors 2011!

Last by not least, we attended Monson Music's annual recital. (Jayma - these pics of Mr. Monson are for you! I think she still has a crush... LOL!) Very proud of Alex - he was finally the top piano student with the highest Guild score this year - we were thrilled! He received a medal along with his 9 year trophy. Aric received his 5 year trophy. Alex has a duet - the judge played with him on Friday and Mr. Monson played with him - it was so cool to listen too! We got to hear some great talent - along with piano, we heard Mr. Monson's vocal, guitar and violin students also! It was a treat!

KV printed off the Baccalaureate programs for Sunday's event, but we didn't go. We were home - exhausted; planning for Monday. We're both taking off tomorrow again to assist with CES 5th graders' Career Day. Wish me luck - going to share the career of an Art Teacher and teach them the "box stitch" with lanyard strings - a project for the summer to complete.

4 more days... argh!

I guess what doesn't kill us - makes us stronger! May is the hardest month to get through - second is December, for me! LOL! Thanks for being patience and reading this through and viewing the pictures - you're such a great friend and supporter! Here's wishing you a great week ahead! Hang in there! Thanks for stopping by and remember to hug the ones you love the most!
Have a great week!

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mjvaughans said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! I loved the pictures! No, no crush. I still have nightmares about taking piano - in Childress and Levelland! I am NOT the musical one in the family. I am the micromanager and I like it that way! :-) I'm tired just reading about all y'all have done - no wonder you are ready for summer break! We go through the 3rd here and then I am working an extra week so summer doesn't start for me until June 10th - boo! Love you!