Hitting 210 on the geocaching trail!

Our goal for the summer is to hit 250 geocaches...
We're at 210!
We've got about 3 weeks left and the race is on!

Went yesterday and added 8 - along with 2 FTF (First To Find!) caches.

Why do we geocache?
It's fun for the WHOLE family, we always learn something trying to find the cache, they are EVERYWHERE and it's always an ADVENTURE... LOL!

Yesterday, we found a cache at an OLD cemetery that dated back to the pioneer days "Teacross Cemetery"... no headstones - so old that the lettering on the sign was made from leather and wood... and this was only about 45 miles from our hometown. Who knew? (Faith... we're trying to catch you...!!)

Hope you are having a GREAT weekend! Remember to HUG the ones you love the most - until next time!