Here we go again...!

On your mark,
Get set,
And here we go AGAIN - on the carousel of activities!
The summer has came to an end; it was good even GREAT
- and now it's "back to the grind"!

The annual 4-H Banquet was this week. Both boys did well in presenting at the

Alex won the 4-H Silver Star Award and Aric won the 4-H Bronze Star Award for 2011. Proud of both boys. Congratulations to all the 4-Hers - each one worked hard and we had a great year. The boys both receive super, unique trophies - made by Dane Fuller at DF Frame & Logo - here in Childress, TX. The trophies are clear, lucite and engraved - each in a different shape. The boys will treasure these trophies for a lifetime!

Also this week, we registered Aric for JUNIOR HIGH - argh! My baby is going to CJHS! This photo scene was in the hallways at CJHS and I grabbed one of Aric! He is SOOOOoooooo excited to start school and be a "Bobkitten" !

And Alex played his 1st scrimmage as a BOBCAT - WOW! He's a freshman! We traveled to Abernathy on Friday and yelled for the Bobcats! Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams all did well playing football. Alex is #24 on the freshman team! We also stopped & got 8 geocaches and met our goal of hitting 250 before the end of summer! Yahoo!

After the scrimmage, we traveled over to Lubbock and tried out a new place to eat - OMG! We "so recommend" this place to eat! "Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers" - named after a man's dog - but this chicken is SO GOOD! And their sauce for dipping is awesome tasting also... the Ging and I are trying to figure it out a "copycat" recipe - I'll let you know, if we get it right! It's located right across from the TTU campus on university street - if you get a chance, try it out - you'll be glad that you did!

So Friday night (our last weekend of summer), we met our goal in geocaching, we cheered for the BOBCATS, ate great food and when we got home - it RAINED. Yahoo - it actually rained for about 30-45 minutes and we got about 1/2" in Childress, Texas! This is only the 2nd time this summer that it's rained! So we all were "singing in the rain" about 11PM Friday night! LOL!

Hope you had a glorious week and even better weekend! Thanks for stopping by and remember to HUG the ones you LOVE - real tight! Until next time...