How's this for PRAYERS ANSWERED!!

If you noticed, my last post was praying for rain - prayer works! Now, gotta pray for COOLER temps! Hope your week is going well and you're staying cool!

Looking back over my blog - it's time for a


Over the summer break, I received a BODY LOTION recipe that has really worked wonders on my youngest son's psoriasis - he has it on his ankles and knees. I also have very dry skin - and this lotion really has became my favorite to use. It's "greasy" but absorbs quickly - I put it on after a bath, right before bed (especially on my dry, dry feet) so it will soak in overnight! Good for cuticles and nails also - It's easy and fairly cheap to make!

Thanks Joyce Crawford for this recipe! All the ingredients can be purchased at the dollar store. I mixed my lotion up in a mixing bowl and used my hand mixer. I reused the containers of the ingredients used and small plastic tubs. HINT: I had to cut the side down the baby lotion bottle to get all of the lotion out... I store my extra in the refrigerator! Makes nice gifts...

Homemade Lotion

2 jars store-brand Vitamin E cream*

1 large baby lotion bottle

1 jar of the store-brand vaseline

**use the CREAM not the lotion -

it was packaged as "buy one get one free" with two tubs

Hope you are doing well and all of yours are happy and healthy! KV and I started back to school today (2 comp days) - think I'm ready to get back into a routine! It's nice to relax in the summer and catch up - but love the new school year with all of it's new beginnings... new schedule, new students, new supplies - fresh, new start... and of course there's Friday night football (in our case, Thursday and Friday night football!) - love the fall season! Both of the Vannoy boys are each starting a new school this year! They both are very excited! Looking VERY FORWARD to the much cooler evenings!

Thanks for stopping by - remember to HUG the ones you love the most - until next time!