OMG! Lee Murphy...

Look at all of my WONDERFUL goodies that I received in my Secret Stampin' Sister
package this weekend!
-The box was loaded w/k-cups for the Keurig in a variety of flavors, trail & nut mixes, chocolate candies, choxie candies, RED (my favorite color) accessories and embellishments, a red tin and red picture frame - original artwork by THE "LEE MURPHY" - yahoo! She's an AWESOME stamper - OMG! Here's a link to Lee's blog here. She is on the Gina K Design Team. "I'm not worthy!" - She made me an adorable book marker, an unique tissue holder and my most favorite - Coffee stamped box filled w/ coffee and matching card - I will admit that I have coveted these items since she posted her projects at the release party on StampTV this month! Also included is a new mystery book - "A Sheetcake Named Desire" by Jacklyn Brady. SO EXCITED - will cherish ALL of these items!

So what's this all about? I am a member on the StampTV ning - it's a free website that has SO MANY ideas, videos, store items and misc. of things that Gina K Design offers to the public. Along with stamping - different groups are formed with other hobbies - like geocaching and reading! This gift exchange was hosted by the members of the "Book Readers" group of stampers - we make stamped items and trade books w/secret sisters.

Once my secret sister post her goodies that I sent - I'll update you on the items that I made and sent her this week! This was a very fun - "Give and Receive" type exchange! I have been able to meet all kinds of talented ladies that enjoy the same things that I do - and share on this website! I highly recommend StampTV! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hug the ones you love the most ~ Until next time...