Recipe Swap - 5 ingredients or less!


This post hold 2 recipes that have

"5 ingredients or less"

for easy, but delicious desserts!

"Can't beat that, huh!"

Easy and quick are the perfect recipes that I need to cook and fit into my agenda this fall. And both of these have FRUIT in the recipe (or is a pumpkin a vegetable?)

The first recipe was one that I learned to make in Alabama... I had never heard about this type of pie - but fell in love with the first bite. A Caramel pie - made with boiling a CAN of sweetened condensed milk for 3 hours... REALLY! You boil the can - adding water as needed; and then you let the can cool down BECAUSE this is a very DANGEROUS thing to cook...

There was this girl that opened up the can too soon and the "scalding contents" exploded out onto her face - she had 3rd degree burns! OUCH! I still wonder if she has scars from this experience...

Then, someone smart came up with the idea of cooking the sweetened condensed milk "in the can" in water in a crock pot for 8 hours...

BUT NOW - in Texas; where our grocery stores carry Mexican ingredients - you can just buy a can of Dulce de leche... or brand name of La Lechera - it's the same thing - "cooked sweetened condensed milk" but a much safer process! This pie will hit and satisfy the "sweet tooth" of anyone... maybe! Try it!

Caramel Banana Pie
1 can Dulce de leche (hispanic aisle)
2-3 Bananas
1 Graham cracker pie crust
1 container of Cool Whip

Slice bananas and place on the bottom of the pie crust. Add your can of dulce de leche ontop of banana slices - spread out to cover the bananas! Top with container of cool whip and chill before serving. Serves 8-10

Next on the recipe swap of "5 ingredients or less" is a mini muffin! My middle son - Alex made these this weekend - YUM! With just 3 ingredients - plus frosting - these moist bite of goodness will make you "slap your momma!" Whoever came up with THAT saying, hmmmmm! LOL! These are perfect for the fall season - love pumpkins!

Butterscotch Pumpkin Muffins
1 Spice Cake Mix (Ducan Hines)
1 can (15 oz) Pumpkin - plain
1 pkg Butterscotch chips
Cream cheese frosting

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix spice cake mix with the pumpkin and blend well. Stir in butterscotch chips and mix to combine. Place in greased mini muffin pans. Keep in mind the way the batter looks in the pan is how your muffins will shape after baking. Bake 16-18 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool. When completely cool - add a dollop of Cream Cheese frosting! Makes about 40 mini muffins.

I got the recipe for these muffins here - "Mommy's Kitchen" - another Texan that likes to cook!

Hope your Fall Season has started with a positive leap and you are achieving all of your personal goals! We are keeping busy and school is forging ahead quite rapidly! We're about to end the first 6 weeks - WOW!

Thanks for stopping by - Remember that this LIFE IS SHORT - hug the ones you love A LOT - Until next time...