January Card Swaps

Here are the requested

Our "Sip 'N Swap" Card group reconvened last week for our monthly card swap!We unanimously agreed to skip the month of December - for obvious reasons... too busy!
It was good to get back into "crafting" up some swaps!
Love, love, LOVE swaps...

This month's theme was SYMPATHY
or a general THINKING OF YOU card;
requirements included an embellishment of choice,
a BIRD and a envie.

The results turned out some BEAUTIFUL cards, if I must say! We have some VERY talented ladies in our group!
These are some of the BEST cards yet - "excited"!

Cards include the fabulous works of Childress' own artists: Margie Robinson, Kimberly Hickman, Amber Smith, Maria Hale, Renee Lambert, April Vasquez, Angie Husband and myself.
Next month's theme is "Get Well"!

Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon - Monday will have a Recipe Swap for a Quinoa Stuffed Pepper - you need to try some "quinoa" in your diet, if you haven't already - healthy stuff!

Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...