Healthy Recipes

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Look what my husband finally arranged up on our wall in the den!
Family photographs (2010) by
she's so good!
super cheap for the quality that you receive - unbelievable!
and a vinyl saying from "tintngraphics" off of eBay
(love eBay - don't you?).

LOVE this on my wall!
Makes me smile each time I see it!

Here at the Vannoy Home - we've been trying to eat healthier! We've both had lots of comments and advice on how to accomplish this task! Thank You! For a healthier diet - takes planning - lots of preparation, but 3 pounds down - it's working! On to week #2...

Joined up with My Fitness Pal - suggested by CJ!
A food journal is very effective in cutting
down the food intake.
I'm a "grabber"... grab food and stick in my mouth without a thought... so this has been an adjustment!

Have several request for the recipes that we are eating healthier with - I'll include the links so you can try 'em out also - if interested! Let me know what you think...

Monday- Crock pot Meatballs over brown Rice
Wednesday- Honey Bean & Spinach (Crock pot)
Thursday- Taco Chicken Chili (Crock pot)

I have personally been surprised by how good these recipes are and how receptive my family has been to them also! 2- A+'s! The recipes are very different from our "normal" daily recipes - Excited! The only "epic fail" was the brown rice - cooked it for almost an hour... still tasted like "bird seed" - so I'm trying a different method this weekend for cooking brown rice - any suggestions??

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are taking time for yourself to rest and relax this weekend! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...