Losing Weight - ARGH!

In 150 days,

I will attend my 30 year

high school reunion

30 YEARS - any-whoooo; I've got to shed some weight! Not to be SKINNY - just to have my clothes fit right! Seriously! Middle-age is the pits! It has it's ups and downs - as I'm sure all age brackets do... but the adjustment of my weight is a tough one to handle - for me personally.

This all started when my students had an


on my style of clothing!

My students do not approve of my "mommy jeans"!

I don't care... I AM A MOM! was my reaction!

They don't understand - my fat body no longer fits comfortably in jeans. Also, I don't want to show off any "bum" or undergarments with the style of low-raise jeans. SO! I have compromised with my students to lose weight and buy some "stylish" jeans! Not the "I-trying-to-look-16-jeans" - LOL! just age-appropriate jeans for a MOM teacher - hahahaha!

How do you lose weight? Share your secrets - PLEASE! 4 years ago, we joined a gym, worked-out daily for 6 months - My husband lost 20 lbs - I lost 4... Now! I did change my shape - but no significant weight loss. And yes, I needed to - I am not at an ideal weight - by a long shot. BOO! So, I stopped the gym; put my $$ somewhere else.

This week, we've started the SLIM FAST diet. 2 shakes a day instead of meals, 3 snacks and 1 balanced meal including lots of WATER - It's week #1 and I'm STARVING!

I have discovered that I crave food at night... so I've switched my shakes to breakfast and lunch and then my meal at night to help with this... Also, this will give us the advantage of eating together as a family each night also! I know that most of the hunger is in my head - but I tend to be really grippy also - imagine that! Praying for peace and patience!

As for exercise, we purchased the YOUR SHAPE for the Xbox kinect - so far it's funny watching my "ballooned" figure trying to "hip-hop" dance next to the EXTREMELY skinny trainer on the side... Hmmmmm! Will let you know more, as we become more experienced with this software.

Found some pictures for my high school days.

Here is on the first day of my Senior year - fall of '81 - (my "hill-billy" brother's sophomore year; overalls??) along with my cool car - the Camero - I LOVED this car (wish I had kept it...could've put it in my backyard as a shrine to my "younger" days, huh!).

Next picture is our twirling team from '79-80 when we went to State Competition in Austin!

Both pictures were found for my boys to see my cool car and for them to see that I really had been to Austin to compete and had seen the Texas University Seal at the stadium...

I had to prove to them that my memories were for "real", I guess!

Ahhhhhh! Memories! On to the present! Come back soon - I've got card swaps and a Stuffed Pepper w/Quinoa recipe on the agenda - please, please, please come back and I'll share!

Thanks for stopping by - remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...


Maria said...

As I'm looking at your pictures, I say out loud is that a trapper keeper??? Scout says what exactly is a trapeeze keeper?? Clearly not a child of the 80's!!! and I to struggle with the mom jeans - Kohl's has some good ones that don't look so mommish....

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I HIGHLY recommend using My Fitness Pal. It makes losin weight and exercising do much easier! If you have a smart phone there's an awesome app to use, if not you can go to myfitnesspal.com and use the website. Basically, you enter all your info...weight, height, goal weight, how much you want to lose per week and it gives you a calorie goal for the day. The more you work out the more calories you get back to "eat" so to speak. It has been the easiest way I have been able to lose these last baby pounds. I'm also doing Jillian michaels 30 Day Shred which is working well. I had lots of people tell me it was effective so I tried and it hasn't disappointed. FOR SURE try My fitness Pal! My mom is using it now, too and has lost. :)

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I forgot to mention it tracks your calories for you...you just have to enter what you eat throughout the day and it does the rest. I've never entered a food item that it didn't have in its database. You can also scan barcodes on any packaged food and it finds it for you in the database! Amazing! And it's free!