Busy week - starting on Plan B...

Hello, my friend!
Hope you are having a GREAT DAY!

Keeping up the positive spirit!

This week has been a very busy one - a week where we are "racing against time" to get everything done! Whew!

It's only Week #3 and my exercising has been limited - my old body is not adjusting to the high-impact of running - BOO!

My knees are swollen and sore to walk - so we've laid off of the running this week. KV is a strong runner, so he will continue!

Our high school coaches are giving me the advice that with "bursitis" - that low-impact exercising is the way to go! WALKING is the best.

A friend, of one of my son's, overheard me talking about bursitius and he asked Aric what it was - Aric's reply was "some old person's thing with their legs" - argh! Crazy kid!

Treating it with doses of aleve and no running - wishful thinking that this soreness will disappear quickly - having a funny walk at a high school is NOT a good thing! LOL! Our track coach is amazing - with a wealth of knowledge... he is are very informative and cheaper than a doctor!

So! Guilt and shame were momentarily there in my space but PLAN B is working out AWESOME! Remember that I had bought the

"Your Shape" software to run on my son's xBox/kinect... used it only briefly until this week - but OMG! - it's super... had a blast and sweated like a pig! It's not working, if you are not sweating in exercise - right?

Worked out for 47 minutes my first time - I even did YOGA for 20 minutes! It puts your image next to the "rather skinny" instructor - and monitors your shape and tells you how to improve with your body's alinement and position! I was impressed!

Also, this week, joined a group on the SISTERHOOD ning of the "52 Small Changes" by Brett Blumenthal - they read a chapter a week together from this book! AWESOME book - it's a lifestyle of getting to be a happier, healthier person within a year. With making only one small change a week - it makes it easier to change and adapt to better and healthier things in life - inside and out! It's easy things for changing - so far it's been good things like drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep, keeping a food journal (and may I recommend My Fitness Pal!), thinking positive, staying off the couch and this week (#6) taking a multivitamin. VERY do-able things to make priority in life!

Ready for a GREAT weekend - even with a forecast of rain and low temps! Snuggling weather - in front of the fireplace - love it! I've got card swaps coming up next! Come back soon - remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...