Snowy Sunday in February!

Hello Winter,
where have you been??

It's a snowy Sunday this
12th of February
- and it's beautiful.

Forget how everything in snow looks so pretty - until you have to get in it, huh!

We are staying put at home tonight - bought groceries yesterday, finish all the errands right after church today - so we are bundled up for the night... and the BEST NEWS - late start tomorrow at school! "Happy Dance"

Also wishing my niece, AMBER, a very happy 18th birthday today - her wish was for it to snow today - and she got her wish!

So, it's the coldest day in February - so far - and I'm out trying to throw together some Valentine treats and cards out in my studio. I've depleted my Valentine stash day to "nada"; but I won, a couple of months ago, some stamps that are perfect for Valentine's - I just got to get out there and craft! Normal temp in "my studio" (aka the garage) is 46 - Brrrrrr! I do have a heater, but my nose gets the coldest - hee hee!

Andy Hayes - these snow pictures are for YOU! Just talked with him Friday night and was telling him that I thought that winter had forgotten us this year! In Alabama, they are receiving lots of rain - something else that we don't see much of here in Texas! We love and miss you, AH!

Here are some Card Swaps that I've been working on... this card style have made a progression through lots of "trial and error"! I've tweeked and then tweeked again and then again tweeked - adding something new each time. The theme is FLOWERS for this next swap that I'm sending to Wisconsin -

The last two cards, I created a called "woodgrain" technique; there's a video at the StampTV that demonstrates this technique well - think it really added to the birdhouse here in the card swap. Changed up the stamped image on the last to meet the requirements of the latest swap. GinaKDesign stamps were used for that card.

The tool that I'm "in love with" and have really put to good use in this project is this "QuickStik" - it has a green rubbery end that is so handy - it's called the "quicker-poker-picker-upper. For those little pieces that are hard to pick up - I use this tool. Here's more info on this tool, QuicKutz QuickStik, if interested!

Also had the honor and pleasure of attending a Card Party at one of my favorite people this last week! Learned a brand new technique that I can't wait to try out on my own! It's a "resist inking" that you use on a folder when embossing! Also, we made a valentine card using cut-outs, clear acetate, and ribbon... cute, cute, cute - Just being in the company of these talented and witty ladies - makes my day! Always we have fun and learn something new!

Hope this post catches you snuggled up warm somewhere and you are enjoying this hit from winter this week! Next on the agenda for future posts is our healthier menu for the week with links to new recipes and Week #7 on our 52 Small Changes!

Thanks for stopping by - have a great week! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...