Pennies from Heaven

Gotta tell ya a story!

You know that our family GEOCACHES...

During the weekend, while we were geocaching in Vernon, we came across the neatest - sweetest - trickiest cache ever!

It held an awesome story - here's the story of the

the best friend. The best friend of a boy named Steve - who's parents were named Fred and Loys Ray

- who owned Fred's Corner Grille in Vernon, Texas.

After the boy's father (Fred) passed; every time that Loys would find a penny on the ground, she would pick it up and exclaim that Fred was sending her a message from heaven! After Loys passed on - they were cleaning out her closet and found jars and jars of PENNIES! AAaaaaahhhhh - isn't that the sweetest thing? - makes my heart swell!

So, in memory of this story - this cache was placed at Fred's Grille and titled "Pennies from Heaven". Behind the grill is an old tree. You see the picture of us? The cache is hidden there. It also contains two fake caches - funny joke; made us laugh!

But the super cool thing is - the tree has pennies nailed all over it! I tried to take a picture - look hard and you might see the pennies in the close-up picture of the tree. I'll tell ya a secret -(this is SO against the rules of geocaching) the cache's log is in a drilled hole behind one of the pennies! Won't tell you which one, though! Can't ruin all the fun - go check it out! So tricky - but so awesome! So! After finding the cache and learning about this story - I responded to my youngest son and husband that when I get to heaven, that I would send them "pennies" to let them know that I was thinking of them... and my son's reaction was "Well, if you're going to do that - make it $20 bills instead of pennies...!!" Goofy boy! We had a good laugh

Love, love, love this story!

This is one of the "many" reasons that we geocache - it has really taught us a lot - history-wise or awesome stories like this one! Also - it gets us out of the house and off of the couch and away from the screens! That has became a HUGE issue at our house - the convenience of the internet and video games and the HOURS wasted in front of these screens! I want ALL of US "outside" and moving - just for health issues and any time for "family bonding" is always welcomed! For more info on geocaching; click here!

Thought I would share this story with you! Hope you are well and having a great week! Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...