April Card Swaps

This week, our group gathered together to share and swap our April Card Swaps.  This month was dedicated to our local cancer patients - Childress "We Can" Care group.  They send out a card to each cancer patient, once a month, who reside in our community.

Unfortunately, our number has grown to over 24 patients within our community; a large percent is men.  So, the challenge this month was to make an encouragement card for a cancer patient.  Most of the cards made this month were donated to this group, along with other homemade cards and stamps for postage.  

If you have ever been sick or have had a sick family member - we know the importance that a card can bring and can help improve the attitude of the sick one almost instantly!  (One reason that I make cards - I saw how delighted my father became when receiving cards from family and friends.)  Here are the card swaps:
The card swappers this month included: Angie Husband, Marie Hale, Pam Foster, Amber Smith, Margie Robinson, April Vasquez, Melissa Vannoy and Kimberly Hickman.  Next month is graduation cards!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...

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