Recipe Swap: Chocolate Syrup

Hello!  Hope you are doing well and hanging in there!  It's almost MAY
 - can you believe it??
WOW!  As a school teacher... May is the long, haul stretch where you run as fast as you can - before the race is all over!  So, I'm racing... whew! 
Summer is coming!
Here is a quick recipe swap for you!  It's homemade chocolate syrup!  Once you taste this... Hershey's won't do! (maybe)
I don’t know about you, but we go through a LOT of chocolate syrup at our house.  My boys LOVE chocolate milk - in the morning, afternoon, night time...                       anytime for 
chocolate milk.               Found the recipe here 
- at this link.
Homemade Chocolate Syrup
1 1/2 cups sugar
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 cup water
dash of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
In a small saucepan, add sugar, cocoa, and salt.  Whisk together gently.  Add water.  Bring mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally.  Reduce heat and cook 1 minute.  Remove from heat and add vanilla.  Cool.  Store in the refrigerator. For chocolate milk, add 2 tablespoons chocolate syrup to 8 oz. of milk.  Heat for hot chocolate.
Let me know if you try this... I've had to double the recipe that I make for the boys - but it's A LOT cheaper than buying the store brand.  I reused the "Hershey's" bottle and refilled with the new recipe above - the boys definitely tasted a difference, but liked it better.  I was thrilled!  Score one for the mom!
Thanks for stopping by!  We are heading to District 4-H Round Up this week - boys have really been practicing their piano.  Alex is also competing in a team for Consumer Decision Making - 1st year.  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...