Earth Day 2012

Saturday in Childress, TX - we celebrated 
Earth Day 2012.

Do you reuse, recycle, reduce, replenish, restore?

Our family is trying too...  This type of program and others really bring it home of how important this is for our earth and its future.

The boys participated in a local 4-H cemetery that our local County Extension Agent and his family designed... it's awesome! 
 On each tombstone, gave a statics of how long it takes  specific item to decompose into the earth again.  

Did you know it only takes a newspaper 2.5 months, an orange peel 6 months but a cigarette butt 10-12 years; a grocery plastic bag 20 years; a disposable diaper - 75 years; a tin can -100 years; and the worst one EVER is Styrofoam  -it never decomposes - NEVER! (Think of all the SONIC cups in the world never going away...) Hmmm!

The boys also played at the"Keep Childress Beautiful" Earth day with Monson Music on Saturday!  Mr. Monson also played duets with each of the boys (eat your heart out, JV!) They are gaining points, as well as, practice for "The Judge" and 4-H Round-Up!  They did well!  

Wishing you an AWESOME weekend!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...