District 4-H Round Up


For the last 4 months, we have been training a senior division 4-H team for Consumer Decision Making every Tuesday and Friday at lunch.

With a team of 3 boys and 1 girl - we headed to District competition Wednesday in Vernon, TX.  ("Genius" is Derrick Siebman, Mark Fierro, Harlie Depew and Alex Vannoy; L-R) Our fearless coach was Pam Foster - who had surgery Monday; but has taught us all so much!

Only one team member had been before -  but this kid is a GENIUS and really was a great example, teacher and supporter of the other three.  

They were given 6 classes - making reasons on 2 classes for the competition.  The classes were: watches, printers, TVs, nutritious snack, movie rentals and computers - (reasons on the first two classes).  

Our "genius" placed High Point overall and our team won 2nd place - earning us a place to compete at State 4-H Round Up.  Wise County dominated in all three levels winning each one - we were so happy to be in the top 3 to advance!  Congratulations team - I think you are #1!

Also competing in the "Share the Fun" division of the District 3 4-H Round-Up were both of my boys playing the piano!  

Alex won his senior division and will be going to State Round Up also in "Share the Fun" - he is so excited!  He did a great job.
Aric also participated in the musical part of the "Share the Fun" - on the Junior/Intermediate level.  This kid did AWESOME against 21 other contestants...  all piano except for 2 fiddle players!  He placed 2nd!  We were so proud of his performance and attitude!  

This level in 4-H doesn't advance to State - but he'll be there anyways! Great job, Aric!

Both boys played sections of 3 to 4 songs (that they have memorized for "The Judge") for a total of a 6-minute program. They nicknamed their "performance" music - the Vannoy Medley Mix! Crazy boys... 

Both boys have memorized 10 songs that they will play on the piano and be judged on May 19th by "The Judge"- National Guild  in Quanah, Tx! 

They sure looked very nice in their suits!  Love men in suits!  Course, I never had the chance to dress up little girls in frilly dresses, bows, tights...  grand daughters, right?

Can you see Ging in the background?  She is the "Piano Nazi" - who we owe everything too - she has worked and practiced with the boys until they have their pieces perfect!  She is one proud "granny" there - ! THANK YOU, GING! Hard work paid off today! Yahoooooo!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until the next time...

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mjvaughans said...

Wow! I do NOT know how you guys have time to do all this! The boys look so nice. Ging made Mr. Monson proud! Ha!