Using the KINDLE more...

Last summer, my sweet hubby bought me a KINDLE! I was thrilled and so excited. As the months passed, my excitement fell to disappointment. I was not sure that the KINDLE was all that it was "cracked-up to be!" (so to speak...)

Why is the "grass always greener on the other side"?

For the price ($79) for the basic Kindle - it's been good. What had me upset was the prices of the books for the Kindle - I was under the impression that the Kindle would save me lots of $$ and space. It was hard to give up the "smell" and holding of a book - but I exchanged that for saving money but I wasn't. For example: A new book release would be $15.99 and the Kindle ebook was $12.99 - saving $3; I would almost spend the extra 3 bucks to "physically" have the book and then exchange it with others. On a POSITIVE note - The instant download and the ability to carry my " books" all on one reader was nice - very nice when traveling!

To share something FABULOUS with you - if you own a kindle - is my objective today. Did you know that you can download books to your kindle from your local public library? I didn't! But in Childress, Tx - I can do this! And maybe you can too through your public library! AWESOME! There are tons of free books you can check out - just like if you were THERE at the public library. Amazon has made THIS PROCEDURE easy - with their whispernet to wirelessly sync!

To find out if your library is participating in this program, search here - OverDrive website. You'll need to get your personal Library number and a pin number from your public library - then from your computer - go to the Harrington Library Consortium website and browse the ebooks! Look for the KINDLE EDITION! Then check out your book of choice for 14 days!! It'll disappear off of your kindle after your time is over - EASY-PEASY, huh!

Let me know if you need help or if this works for you - I was THRILLED to find this out and use! Just wanted to share with my favorite people - YOU! Thanks for stopping by! Wishing you an AWESOME rest of the week! I've got our OIL facial recipe and card swaps coming up soon! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...