Awards & Banquets 2012

 "Time flies when you're having fun" 
- so we must be having a BLAST! LOL!  
We are zipping through the last days of this school year!  

Here are some pics from Alex's first high school All Sports Banquet!
 Aric was feeling a little left out - so we let him take home some of the balloons that were decoration! Crazy kid!  So, he had fun scaring the dogs when we got home - argh!  "Never a dull moment"!

Here are some pictures of the CHS Awards Assembly - my mom took these pics - all the teachers sit at the tables and when a student receives a medal or C-award - they walk down the row and get the rewards!
Wishing you fun times and good health - thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...