4-H County Food Show

Happy Fall Y'all!
Hope you've had a chance to enjoy the fall days that we are having.  Such beautiful weather, here in Texas!
 This year, 4-H has switched gears in their presentation and their categories for the 4-H Food Show!   The boys had to retrieve their "individual" calorie needs at the website - www.choosemyplate.gov website and study the info there.

The theme for this year's Food Show is "Healthy Holidays" - objective is to pick a classic dish and put a healthy twist to it along with picking out a Holiday to serve it during...  the categories are:  Grain, Vegetables & Fruit, Dairy and Protein.  Aric prepared a "Patriotic Picnic Club" celebrating July 4th and Alex mixed up a "Merry Berry Salad" to be served at Christmas (note:  both boys HATED the hats... but wore them anyways...)  I'll post recipes for my weekly Recipe Swaps soon!

We had a very "young" group this year - lots of newbies!  
The boys did well and will be competing at District Food Show in Vernon on Nov. 10.

Thanks for stopping by - remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...