Decorating and Door Prizes!

Hello!  Hope you are well during this beautiful Fall day!  

This weekend was a productive one!  Worked the concession stand Friday night, completed a One Sheet Wonder card project and even decorated for Halloween - finally!

What's a 

"One Sheet Wonder"... 
you might ask?  It's where you take a sheet of designer paper and make it into a number of cards that all look alike but are also different. 

Grabbed this "One Sheet of Wonder" 8x8 layout here at this link and it made 9 cards! Calling it my "Butterfly and Flower" series!  There are many "One Sheet Wonder" designs out there on the web, if you're interested - check it out.

  The Ging needed a couple of door prizes for next weekend and I made her these cards with 2 card sacks - to boot!  Here's the link for making the bag for holding cards.

We are headed for the Ging's 50th school reunion in Midland next week.  Hopefully the lucky winners will enjoy these handmade cards!

Also did some Halloween decorating!  My youngest son has been wanting to decorate since September!  I've cut back on the decorations - putting quite a bit in the "garage sale" pile... but still have quite a bit of decorations left also!  Do you decorate?  With kids, its almost a "have to", don't you think? LOL!  

However you enjoy the fall - hope you are doing it well and stress-free!  Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...

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