2012 Educator of the Year Award / more basketball!

Hello there!  How are you doing?

Our weekend went by FAST !  Makes me sad when that happens...!  I love the weekends!  LOL!  Wishing you an AMAZING week this week!  Thanks for stopping by!

We headed to Tulia, Texas this Saturday for a junior high basketball power-shot tournament.  Playing two games each with no brackets!  The mighty 7th grade team did great - winning one and losing one.  We were able to  grab some Mexican food in between games.  

It was also a great day to grab several geocaches that were in the area!  We found two caches hid by the "king" and this is a BIGGIE in our world to find these type of caches!  He is one "stealthy" dude! LOL!  Our "GEAR" study begins this next weekend - February 1st!

The annual Childress Chamber of Commerce Banquet was held that Saturday evening - this is held by the city and awarding citizens with a variety of honors.  Kyle won the Educator of the Year (again!) - he knew something was up when his mom was sitting at the table when we arrived at the banquet.  I had initially got him there because of a nomination of a friend for Man of the Year...  sneaky, huh!  It was and is an honor to be married to Childress' 2012 Educator of the Year!  He truly is a dedicated man to his profession and really gives 110% with his job and everyone that works with him.  VERY proud of this man!

Card Swap is coming up on Tuesday - fun, fun, fun! Also, lots more of basketball -  It's going to be a full week - will post soon.  Have a great day!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...