2013 CJHS NJHS / Busy Week!

Greetings to you!  Thanks for stopping by - it's been a busy week!  How are you today - ready for the weekend?
Today is 
Ground Hog's Day!  

And this year, Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow - so that means spring is on it's way!  No wonder we've been having 70 degree weather here in Texas!  Crazy, huh!

We've been waist-deep in basketball this week!  But, on Thursday - we slowed down enough to attend the 
2013 Childress Junior High School's induction to the 
National Junior Honor Society 
to watch Aric and his classmates!

We are very proud of Aric Nelson!    He even wore his "superman socks" (RG3 inspiration & Christmas gift from The Ging!) 


Also this week, Alexander Jonah completed his 6 months with a driver's permit  and passed his driving test. Now, he is a legal Texas license holder!  LOL!  So - watch out!  He nailed the parallel parking and everything!  Awesome!

Now, it's MORE basketball!  Wishing you a wonderful - productive weekend!  Enjoy the Super Bowl on Sunday - always got to watch to see all the new T.V. commercials!  
Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...