Snow-palooza 2013!

 Well, it happened... 
We actually were dismissed from school at 12noon Monday, district wide and have a late start scheduled for Tuesday! (almost like a!)  Here are some pictures around the house during the snow blizzard!  All of our highways are closed for the day - both HWY 287 & HWY 83!  So!  It's been an awesome MONDAY - you don't hear that often enough, huh!  LOL


This kid turned 24 over the weekend... can you believe it? Happy Birthday, Andy Hayes!  Wishing you a new year that is full of happiness and great success!  We love you so much!

KV and I survived our CHL class this weekend also - and we both passed!  We learned a lot during this 10 hour class.  It was a loooooong day!  We took the class with 9 others - it was a great group to be in and our instructor was quite informative!  The news broke about Childress ISD, a couple of weeks ago about our school board and their discussion on this issue.  You can check the video out - at this link.

The teachers will NOT carry concealed guns on a CISD campus.  But specific faculty members will know where the guns are and will be trained to use them in an event that they are needed to keep our students safe! W.O.W.
Enjoy your week!  Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...