February Card Swap 2013 - 3X3 Minis

Hello!  Glad that you stopped by today! 

Boy!  Do I have a treat for you!  This month's challenge for our Card Swap was to make a 3x3 card (or a miniature card) along with a flower theme; using the color of lavender or liliac! 


- these cards are really good and each one is different and so pretty!  So excited to have completed this swap!

We had 8 Card Swappers this month.  Each of this ladies are especially talented and full of creativity - as you see here from their card swap!








As a BONUS - Margie made each one of us a magnet that she assembled with her new toy!  Thanks, Margie!

Personally, I felt that my card was just - blah!  So, I made everyone a 3x3 card box with a handle for each to carry their new cards in!  Here's the link here that I used in making this box - and added a paper handle to it!

Here is also a link to last month's Card Swap here - January.

Thanks for stopping by!  Next month's challenge is to make a standard size card using the color GREEN along with a BUTTON! 

Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...

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