Spring Break 2012

Spring Break 2013 

After much debate of what we were going to do over Spring Break - it was an unanimous decision to "Stay Home"!  Something, so unusual that they agreed on the same thing - both boys wanted to have NO AGENDA... and just chill this week!
So, we did!

Over the break, we had the pleasure of baby-sitting "Jessie"; a guiena pig from Aric's 7th grade Science lab.  She was a sweetie!  REALLY!  We enjoyed her visit - feeding, watching T.V. and just playing with her was a treat!

We did watch a total of 14 hours of the T.V. series "Walking Dead" 
(that's season 1 & 2...) 
I am NOT a zombie lover (at all!)  This was WAY TOO gruesome for my taste... I can talk about this story - know the story line, but I'm not watching the 3rd season - but KV and Aric are!  I can read about it - but as for all the blood and gore - I can not do.  I know, I know - I'm a whimp - so be it!  

Later in the "Spring Break" week, we did travel to Lubbock for fun, family and geocaching!  We met my cousin and family (Paula, Chris, Princess Grace and "Luke" - soon to be born in May!) and enjoyed a great couple of days of shopping, swimming and playing - including attending the "Butterflies Live!" at the Science Spectrum!
We did meet up with my brother's family and eat lunch together Saturday - had to eat at Red Lobster in memory of "Charles Christy" - (my dad!)!  Ging loved it!  

That was our Spring Break!  Not much, but that was what we wanted!  Wishing you a great day - thanks for stopping by!

Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...