On Your Mark...

Yep!  It's Track Season 
(along with traveling basketball, LTC, piano, FFA judging and 4-H...).  Got to be honest with you - Spring Sports is a "killer"!  At school, someone is ALWAYS out!  At home - well!  Right now - HOME is where we run in, eat (maybe), sleep and dash back out again!

How are YOU?  Glad that you stopped by!  Wishing you happiness and good health!

Today's post are some track pictures!  
Alex is a sophomore and is running on the Sprint Relay Team for CHS J.V. Team and also the 100 yard dash.

Aric is running on the CJHS 7th grade team - sprint relay, 440 relay and the 1600 relay - also the high jump and triple jump!

Here's a video of Alex running at Tulia's track meet!  It's the 100 yard dash!  He's the one in Bobcat Blue...

With both boys running - that's usually two days of track a week; we've had 2 track meets where they were both at the same time; helping in travel and time!

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...