Busiest Week yet in 2013

Greetings from the Vannoy Clan!  

Spring Time!

They tell us, as parents, that we will miss these busy times...

I wonder if this will be true?  LOL!  We are trying to get everything prepared for our annual church trip to LTC at the Anatole in Dallas, Tx.  Track is going strong - along with Aric playing basketball.

Alex has begun judging poultry for FFA.  In 4-H, the boys are preparing for the annual photography contest - as well as, the community-wide Easter Egg Hunt that 4-H sponsors every year.

SO!  We have been very busy...  my "list" runneth over!  LOL!  Plus Piano Guild and group has started up and both boys signed up to play the piano at "Share the Fun" for 4-H at District Round Up.  Whew!  Needless to say - we are busy!

How are you?  Wishing you a blessed day, today!  Thanks for stopping by!

Guess who the Easter Bunny is this year?

Alex was very nice and volunteered to be the Easter Bunny at the 4-H Easter Egg Hunt!  The costume is one that was made a while ago - you can hardly see through the mask - but the kids LOVE it!  

This week is only a "4 day" week - Easter weekend!  We've got a track meet Thursday in Wellington, Tx (both high school and junior high - thank goodness!) and then it's off to Dallas - Friday morning for LTC! (Leadership Training for Christ).  LTC post, along with March's Card Swap post coming soon!  Be sure and check back!  

Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...