Fire in the Art Room!

Yep!  There was a fire in the CHS Art Room!  It occurred during the weekend (April 12-13) - Friday night or Saturday - my principal found the damage on Sunday when complaints came in that there were problems with the internet server - which had turned off because of the heat - and he came up to the school with the Tech supervisor to investigate.

The damage was medium range - smoke damage mainly along with the burned wall and ceiling.  Luckily, the sheetrock and the ceiling tiles were both flame resistance - the fire put itself out.  No one was hurt; the smell is bad.  Some paperwork lost - but all will be okay!


What started the fire?  Good question!  Some think the lamp; others think the pencil sharpener - a short in the wiring...

NOW!  This is the room after clean up - so sad! It was a great room for 6 years.  I'll be relocating in the main hall next year.  Right now, the art room has been moved to the homemaking sewing room for the remainder of this school year - change is good! (I hope!)
28 days left!   
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