March Card Swap 2013 - Button

Good Day!   

Wishing you a great day, today!  Here are some delightful card swaps. 

 For the month of MARCH - the challenge was to use the color GREEN and incorporate a BUTTON into the design of the card.  We had six cards this month - and they are "bea-u-ti-ful"!









 How about these cards!  They are Cu-Te, aren't they!  Well done, ladies!  For April, we are doing a RECYCLED item incorporated into a card of gray, neutral or brown tone.  Here is a link to last month's card swaps.

Thanks for stopping by!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...

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mjvaughans said...

Awesome pics! I wish we did go to the same place for LTC! Then I could steal all your ideas for puppets and bulletin boards because I am sure they are super creative :-) Ha! If the boys are too busy, I know which activity I would give up. Just a rhymes with riano. Hahahaha!! Yep, still traumatized. Have a great day!