Book Review for January

During the Holiday Break, there was ample time for reading - very exciting, I must admit!  These are rare and fun times to have!  Yahoo!

With the 50th anniversary of JFK - we watched the TV special with Rob Lowe in "Killing Kennedy" in November.  Wow!  - my mom was pregnant with me in November of 1963.  I also will hold my own 50th anniversary soon - anyways - historical events are always intriguing. 

On that line, I have been a big fan of Stephen King - or used to be...  I haven't bought a book of his in 5 years until I finally grabbed the "11/22/63" - and so glad that I did!  What a story!  It's still a typical Stephen King story, but mixed with the facts - he really spins a great tale!  It's so fictional - but the blast from the past storyline - along with recipes - is great!

SO!  I then grabbed "Doctor Sleep" - Stephen King's newest book out - it's the sequel to "The Shining" and so far...   Oh my!  It's a scary one - I'll let you know later on this one when I do finish it.  I don't much care  for the language of King and/or it's racy edginess - but the stories he can tell - very, very entertaining.

On a much different note - a new devotional book, given to me by a childhood friend, that I am THOROUGHLY LOVING - "Jesus Calling".  I do believe I will be buying several copies to give as gifts - it's that good!  The devotionals always hit a nerve and it also serves up scriptures to read and support the thought of each day!

There are many more books on the list to read for this 2014!  Excited to share with you what I have read and please do the same!  Always looking for a good book to read!

Thanks for stopping by - remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...