Floyd's 80th Birthday / Basketball


How are you today?  
We had a FULL weekend - the last weekend of January; can you believe it?  Time is flying by - hang on tight!

CJHS held a basketball tournament this weekend and the 8th grade team that Aric's on won 1st place - YAHOO!  The last two games were down to the last minute competition - a real nail-biter! LOL  Proud of these guys!  They really needed this boost - it is well-deserved!

KV's family also celebrated Floyd's 80th birthday this weekend.  Floyd is his step-dad; he has been fighting some major health issues with vision ;macular degeneration 
and prostate cancer.  We are truly blessed with him in our lives and this was a perfect time to celebrate with family.  

Also, this was the first time in a while that Melissa (KV's sister) was here in Childress - had to grab a family picture!  She works in retail - so the holidays are impossible for her to come home. We were excited to have her family here for a much needed visit.  This picture turned out great!

Here are some more pictures from the 80th Celebration!

 Wishing you a great week ahead!  Next post will be our JANUARY Card Swap!  The challenge this month was to make a card with the theme of SNOW or VALENTINE!  This is the first swap of 2014 - know it will be a good one, so come on back to see some fabulous cards!

Thanks for stopping by! Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...