Catching Up...

Greeting to you, my friend!  

How are you doing?  

Wishing you an AWESOME day ahead!  

Just a couple of pictures to catch up on the blog!  Our boys have been busy, busy!  Which means, we've been busy - chasing them! LOL!!

Aric - our social butterfly - is gearing up for TRACK SEASON!  Soon to start... Friday; Feb. 28.  Here's a group picture of some 8th graders at a birthday party.  This kid is going to be in high school VERY soon!  

 Alex has been busy managing the varsity CHS basketball team.  - they played their last game in a heartbreaker of a game on Friday... vs. Littlefield.  We lost by 2 points...  This team was extra special - they've been playing since elementary school and were very skilled in playing - we just ran out of time.

Alex will be managing the CHS Baseball team (if his grades stay up...) and will be running TRACK also for the varsity team this year!  Can you believe it's almost MARCH??

And my first-born will turned 25 on the 23rd of this month!  My boys are growing up way too fast!  Andy is doing well - just received another promotion; he's working for Coca Cola United Bottling Company; this kid is working 60+ hours a week - and still living in Alabama...  Miss him terribly.  It's a joy to watch my kids grow up... but miss the time when they were all under the same roof and small in size - sniff, sniff!  

Next up on the agenda for the blog is the monthly CARD SWAP!  Our challenge is to make a birthday card that incorporates a banner...  come back soon to check out the cards!

Thanks for stopping by, remember to hug the ones you love the most - until next time...