February 2014 Card Swap

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Glad you stopped by today!  

Boy, are you in for a treat!  This month's card swap had 9 (nine) beautiful ladies come to the table - and each of their creations are truly fabulous - as well as - unique!  You're going to L.O.V.E. these cards and find some inspiration for some of your own designs!  

This month's challenge was to create a BIRTHDAY card that incorporated a BANNER in the design!  Our artists included:  Charlene, Kimberly, Maria, Margie, Pam, Angie, April, Melissa and our newest member Sarah!  ENJOY looking at these...  

CHARLENE  The picture does not do this card justice... on the front features two types of textures - makes for a very sophisticated look - along with the floral eyelet punched bottom edge , ribbon, brads - creates to make an awesome looking card! Love the color scheme - and the banner is on the inside!

MARIA This card features an intricate branch & floral cut-outs that compliment the unique heart-shaped WISH banner on front.  Color scheme choice along with the embellishment of ribbon & net makes this a stunning card!

 ANGIE This adorable card is an easel style format that features white stamped images on a chalkboard-like background.  **The banner has recycled paper triangles as the base - that is also carried over to the inside banner and embellishments with using recycled paper.  This card design is fun and makes you smile!

**If you are interested in using recycled paper in your crafts and artwork, I have FREE encyclopedias to give away for this purpose - compliments of Kimberly's library!  Just let me know, I might even deliver! LOL!  In Childress only - of course!  

Kimberly This card is looking sharp with its earth-tone color scheme that features a multi-layered banner on front; embellished with eye-lash ribbon in the crease!  Note the fancy-lined envie - (this is #1 on my wishlist ...); lined with a chevron print inside  - love this look and presentation in an envelope!

 MARGIE This card is so DETAILED... all the little, intricate cut-outs and doo-dads makes this card a true celebration!  And she made NINE of these - W.O.W.  The banner is cricut cut-out hats & flowers with stamped lettering and hand-drawn string!  Also check out the inside with the punched cupcake!

SARAH This card features a raised border banner that pulls the focal point into the Happy Birthday theme and is balanced by the 3-D flowers.  I got the "red blossom" style; Sarah had a variety of color schemes that coordinated with different types of flowers.  Very nice card!

APRIL This whimsical card features a fun color scheme of different colors and patterns of a horizontal banner in varied links that grabs your attention and is embellished with a stamped image and button!  The outer edges are trimmed in a vibrant pink that completes this "shabby chic" birthday card!

PAM This card is so elegant - just perfect for the lady celebrating her birthday!  With it's gleaming gold embellished black net gown to the glitz brown ribbon truly makes this card fabulous!  And check out the inside - she embossed her ribbon banner - GENIUS!  Love, love, LOVE this card!

MELISSA This card features a "magic" factor - the stamped image, as it's pulled up, turns into a colorful image... "Happy Birthday" is printed multiple times over the card (front & back)  & the banner is a 3-D double layer paper ribbon at the bottom front - hopefully this card will make you smile and make a wish for the day!  Dawn Griffith gets the credit here...  here's a link to her tutorial and video in making a "Magic Card"!! 

Thank you for joining us and letting me share with you this month's card swaps.  Here is a link to January's Card Swap.  Next month, the challenge is BABY; can NOT use pink or blue and have to incorporate a CHEVRON in the design of the card...  

Have a great day!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...