March Family News

Hello!  The month of March has been full of activities for the Vannoy family.  It's one of the special months that we love because of "Spring Break" week!
What did we do this week - although we stayed mainly in Childress - we spring cleaned the WHOLE house.  

I can honestly tell you - TODAY - that every corner in my house is clean...  now tomorrow??  - that's a new day!!  With all this Texas dust flying around, it makes it that much harder to keep things presentable!  

Track season has started and we are traveling "twice" a week for meets (one for CJHS / one for CHS) to catch all the races!  Oh!  Alex also received his CHS Bobcat Letter-jacket!  Check out these pics...

With some days cold and other days hot - haven't cleaned out my closets and switched seasons yet - have you?  That's on my agenda soon; might wait until after Easter this year!  

Thanks for stopping by - will be posting a recipe swap for our new favorite PIE that we found and fell in love with during the break for the next blog post!  Please stop by soon!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...