Recipe Swap - Kentucky Derby Pie

Wishing you a FANTASTIC day today!  
This post holds a VERY easy, very good pie recipe!  It's super quick and looks so good - with the taste even better! LOL

Found a pie crust in the freezer that prompted the search of what I could make...  found this recipe - had all the ingredients and - Man, O' Man - are we glad that we have this recipe now!  Even baked one up for my sweet mother-in-law for her birthday!  

Kentucky Derby Pie is the name!  Looked up the history - actually it's only a Kentucky Derby pie IF you use walnuts instead of pecans...  but pecans was all that I had and we sure did like them in this recipe!  Let me know how you like this pie!   

Kentucky Derby Pie

1-6 oz package Chocolate Chips

1 Cup Sugar

1/2 Cup Self-rising Flour

1 tsp. Vanilla

1 Cup Pecans; chopped

2 Eggs; beaten

1 Cup Coconut

1 stick Butter; melted

1-9" pie crust

Mix sugar, flour, eggs, vanilla and butter.  Add chocolate chips, coconuts and pecans.  Pour into pie shell.  Bake at 350 degrees for 42-45 minutes.  ENJOY!

Just a small scoop of vanilla ice cream along with a slice is HEAVEN!  Thanks for stopping by - remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...