CHS 2014 Jr/Sr Banquet & Prom

Hello!  It's MAY and it is W.I.L.D.!!

As a teacher, this is normal - to be sprinting for the finish line.  To add to the race - KV and I are both Junior Class sponsors... what that means is - PROM!  It only occurs once ever 4 years  (It takes that long to re cooperate!)  The theme was picked for "Roaring 20's / Great Gasby" - colors are black, gold and white! We have an EXCELLENT group of kids - so all went well.  And their parents really pitched in and helped so much! Here are some pictures before the banquet - after decorating for 3 days and planning for months! LOL  It really was a beautiful time!  Gym never looked so good! Ha!

The craziness adds up to also include ALEX's first PROM - (he's a junior!)  SO!  With a prearranged date (are you kidding - think he would actually TALK to a girl... psst!)  It really went on without a hitch - they looked AMAZING (yes!  I'm partial!)  Here are more pictures!

Thanks for letting me share!  We've got more banquets before school is out - stay tuned!  

Hope you are well and hanging in there - summer is coming!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most - until next time...