It's ALMOST summer...

Oh - W.O.W.!  

It's almost summer

 - one more week and we are there!  It's been so CRAZY - awards assemblies for both boys along with several banquets!  We have been going "non-stop"... this is the reason that teachers need a summer break! LOL!  TRUE STORY!
Just going to post several pictures to show off the boys' activities - you are sweet to let me share!  

ALEX is a JUNIOR - fixing to "rule the school" as a senior - as he keeps telling me every day for the last several weeks...  sniff! sniff!  Here's pics from the FFA Banquet, CHS All-Sports Banquet and the CHS Awards Assembly!

Aric is an 8th grader - last year of CJHS - here is Aric at the year ending Band Concert, CJHS Awards Assembly, our last son at CJHS pic and a 8th grade banquet.

YES!  My boys are growing UP!  Did you notice in the very first picture of them... Aric is the same height of Alex - ARGH!  Andy now is the shortest of the boys - LOL!  He still claims to be the wisest... !    Wishing you an AWESOME weekend - JUNE is almost here!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most, until next time...

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