September 2014 Card Swap

Hello!  Our September 2014 Card Swap was held the last Monday of the month - it's challenge was to make a
The challenge this month was to create and design a LONG type card; not a standard size card!   The results turned out AWESOME!  
Also, almost each one of us had a "BOO" somewhere on the card!!  This was not a requirement, but it was a funny coincidence that we were all thinking on the same page this challenge!

We had six swappers this month that created a HALLOWEEN CARD!







BONUS!  Pam made everyone a "Halloween S'more" treat bag!  So cute!

This month was a great success!  - Here is a link to July's card swap; our last official card swap.  For the month of AUGUST our card swappers created and designed cards then donated all the cards to our local cancer patients through our local cancer organization!  Childress can always use cards for this purpose - so if you have time - donate some cards & stamps !!  It will be used and definitely appreciated!!

Thanks for stopping by and letting us share our card swaps! Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!