April 12 - The Game Changer in our Life


This date has held several life changing events for our family

 - in 2003 on April 12, my father passed away.   

On April 12 in 2008, Kyle lost his sweet Uncle - his mother's brother.  

This date in 2016 - April 12 - Kyle had a heart attack!  This  event has totally altered our life - it was a game changer!

God is good!  We will take this as a "wake up call" and heed the warning to make changes in order that Kyle can be with us for a LONG time - God willing, of course!

April 12, 2016 - has set us on a path of recovering and establishing better healthy ways of living - I've been asked so many times what we are doing and will blog our story to help assist anyone that is interested!  

On this day, Kyle never really had pain...  never knew what was really happening!  He woke up to fast heart beating and an uneasy feeling - THAT'S ALL!  He knew something was wrong but not what!  He went to school - almost each and every teacher checked his pulse or did something to aid Kyle in helping him - finally the school nurse couldn't even get an accurate blood pulse because it was so erratic!  She came to me and said to get Kyle to the clinic asap.  At 4:45 that afternoon - Kyle went to the walk-in clinic - at 7PM, he finally saw a doctor and they rushed him over to the ER at the hospital.  

To make a long story short - he was admitted to the hospital and almost flown to Amarillo.  His troponin levels were .14 (that's the stuff the heart produces when in distress).  Kyle stayed overnight and when the levels went down, was released and went back to work!  After another ER visit later that week - a heart specialist was contacted and we saw him asap (April 20)!  

In this visit,  we were shocked with the news that Kyle had had a heart attack!! He just turned 46 - TOO YOUNG for this to have happened!  We had no clue - no wonder all the nurses and doctors were freaking out!

A heart catheterization was schedule for that Friday (April 22) - that's a test to check the heart.  Dr. Neel did this procedure at BSA in Amarillo and found that Kyle had 10-20% blockage going into the main artery of the heart - that's where the ink collect showing where the damage had occurred.  This was good news!  Kyle was to go on meds, changing his lifestyle of eating and exercising and no stints or further surgeries at this time!  

THAT day - I grabbed this book - "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" for the kindle!  WOW!  It's concept is that you can reverse and prevent heart disease by eating a "plant- based diet".  I figured that I was the one to get Kyle into this mess with eating bad food - that I was going to get him OUT of this mess and was in the "long haul" along with him!  Please note that my sons are not so excited about this plan... but in time - they will be (maybe!)  

After reading and buying totally into this method - I purchased the book - "The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook" to begin this process...  This companion book holds the recipes that  support Dr. Esselstyn's remedy for heart disease - it's written by his wife and daughter!! 

 This diet is a NO meat, NO dairy, NO oil, along with minimal amounts of salt & sugar way of eating~

So is there anything left that you CAN eat!!  


Or so we hope!!  Will keep you posted on Kyle's progress and hope to share with you some recipes along the way!  If we can help just ONE person  - it will be all worth this!  

Thanks for stopping by and letting us share our story!  Remember to hug the ones you love the most... until next time!

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